Blue Mist

Blue Mist is our most popular flavor. It is a refreshing mix of sweet blueberry and a hint of mint. This is good for relaxation.

Sex on the Beach

A mix of orange and lemon, Sex on the Beach Hookah tobacco is known for the soothing taste and full smoke that it produces.

Code 69

Tropical Fruit mix with a Cosmopolitan background. Code 69 produces one of the thickest smoke with medium strength flavoring.

Safari Melon Dew

Safari Melon Dew offers up super sweet melon flavor, with a taste that is spot on every time. Ordered by customers over and over again.

Pirate’s Cave

A creamy, juicy consistency and extremely sweet aroma. Most reminiscent of a Lime Margarita, the fragrance and taste match up well.

Double Apple

The classic hookah flavor everyone knows. It’s a mix of both red and green apples. Provides heavy smoke and a lasting session.


Lively and juicy. Al Fakher’s peach has a refreshingly different taste that will have you moving to the country for more.


Al Fakher’s mint is breathtakingly icy and refreshing. Like taking a deep breath after brushing your teeth.


Strongly refreshing with a zingy citrus note. Like many citrus flovors, orange is the perfect smoke producer.


Watermelon is refreshing and beautifully fruity. Perfect for smoking on hot sunny days.


Sweet, vibrant and with a zesty undertone, Al Fakher Grape delivers an enticing and unmatched flavour that lingers.


A step away from everyday sweet flavours, lemon has a vibrant citrus taste to refresh your day.